29 February 2012

Happy Bran.

Dress H&M
Shirt New Look
Bow Tie Primark

Happy Leap Day!
All day I've been crying because about 40 women are proposing on TV. I don't really like the whole women proposing to men, each to they're own and the women are so brave! But I want to be proposed to, I've dreamed about it since I was a wee baby, like most wee girls, so I want the surprise.

I just came back to Gala yesterday, nightmare journey having to drag 2 suit cases from Glasgow to Edinburgh to Gala, I was honestly packing light!

This dress is years old, but every time I try to give it away or sell it I just can't bring myself to do it. So I thought about teaming it with my shirt and bow tie and decided to bring it back to Gala. Hopefully I'll start wearing it more often as it is a lovely piece.


Happy Bran :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x