16 February 2012

Help Harry.

The first time I heard of Harry Moseley was one day while watching Jeremy Kyle. Jeremy was treating Harry to a special treat as Harry was terminally ill with a brain tumour. Later in the show it was announced that Harry had passed away in October 2011, aged just 11. Reducing Jeremy Kyle and myself to tears.

Harry had made bracelets and was selling them in order to raise money for brain tumour research. In his short life Harry managed to raise over £1million for Cancer research which I just thought was absolutely amazing.

Since Harry's Death his mother has continued to make and sell the bracelets. Recently many celebrities have got involved to raise awareness of Harry's campaign and with the hope of raising £1Billion for Help Harry Help Others.

If you want to get involved just click on the video below.

I'm ordering my bracelet tonight :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x