5 February 2012

Lions and Tigers and Flamingos.

Dress H&M

Shoes Barratts

Sorry for a 4 day absence but the Internet has been down here for days, so stressful, I don't know what we did before 3G on phones.

On Friday the Uni went a bus trip to the Edinburgh Campus Union ... nothing in Edinburgh compares to Glasgow. FACT! It was an OK night but only because of a huge amount of booze. The theme of the night was "Zoo Project". However the Edinburgh campus did not dress up and we just looked like we had been let out of the bloody zoo ...

My make up was done by my friend Scott (The Snow Leopard) and it came out amazing! and I got to wear my black lipstick too, Finally.

I have a few blogging events coming up which I am sooo excited about. Hopefully I can make all of them because Uni is being a pain and getting in the way! One of the events I hope to get my lovely readers involved in too!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x