25 February 2012

Puffy Eyes.


Shirt H&M
Skirt Primark
Blazer Random Shop In Cambridge
Bow Tie Primark
Belt River Island (Hat Belt)


Not blogged for a few days as my boyfriend was home to visit me for my birthday and I promised him I wouldn't neglect him :)

The first photos are from my interview on Wednesday. Which I think went OK, I really really want the job so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. Interviews are always so hard to know what to wear as you want to look smart but obviously show your personality a bit, which it why I went for the blazer on top. I also went WITHOUT wearing my hair extensions! Snaps for Bran!

The next photos are the birthday presents I received :) Spoiled as usual. My family are amazing.

Babyliss Jumbo Curler
Hmm. I think this curler means I have the whole Babyliss collection! But this curler is not my favourite. It does nothing to my natural hair at all so I was really disappointed, however it did work on my hair extensions.

The makeup was from my sister, she knows how badly I've been after a bright blusher and shes done good, I love this blusher, I love the colour and it stays on all day.

After my roommate, Emma gave me an earful about the state of my make up brushes, I said that I needed a new pair so my sister got me a new powder and blusher brush. I was so chuffed that she got me Eco friendly ones made from bamboo. She knows my views on cosmetics so I was really touched that she had done that for me. I love the brushes they are so soft, I'll take better care of these ones.

Katy Perry Eye Lashes
Alan got really excited when he seen these. Sorry babe, its going to take more than eyelashes to make me look like Katy Perry.

My clothes are from Alan and some are just from the birthday money I got. Alan took me out shopping for my birthday since I haven't went in months and he treated me to lunch at Nandos (Yet another thing I've not had for months, it was awesome) He spoiled me rotten but I was just happy to get to spend time with him. I'm hating long distance.

I have been on EBay for years trying to get one of the Moschino Letter Belts, but I've just never been able to part with the money. So on finding this one in Urban Outfitters I was so excited! I normally wouldn't part with £16 for belt but it was a birthday treat.  

Phone Cover
Another present from Alan. Can't go wrong with a bit of phone blingage! Although I wish I had chosen the white version of my phone so I could get a more colourful cover.

The last photos are a bit scary. This is what I woke up looking like on Friday morning. So the Birthday weekend has been on hold until I got the all clear today. I've rubbed my eye and some Mascara or Eyelash Glue has gotten in and my eye swelled up like a balloon. The swelling is going down slowly but surely, but I did get a few looks for wearing sunglasses in Scotland.

The gammy eye aside, I had a great week!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x