7 February 2012

Sixties Do.

Dress H&M
Bow Claire's Accessories
Necklace Primark

Today I was a good girl and got up early, got dressed for the first time in days and got some uni work done! Yey! I also got a new phone! and some new shoes! First purchase in months. It. Felt. Great!

I have seen a few people sport the 60s bouffant recently so I thought I'd do something different, I've done it loads before so its pretty easy to do but one of those hairstyles that you do differently every time you do it.

The hair made way for the kind of 60s style dress and eyeliner, which I usually hate, I just don't think I suit it and I get so jealous because everyone seems to, except me. ah sigh ...

Tomorrow I am back at uni .. bleh .. and then, who knows the fun never stops in Gala, but I will try and get a post up :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x