21 February 2012

Something Blue.

Dress H&M
Snood Primark
Belt River Island (Hat Belt)
Ring Edinburgh Dungeons
Bracelet Links of London
Boots Internacionale

A few days since posting but I caught a wee bug last week and was ill for days, so then just decided to have a wee rest and get some uni work out the way, which I did :)

Today I had a HUGE clear out of clothes, 8 bags got tossed and while I was clearing it out I realised that almost everything I tossed was impulse sale buys, so no more impulse buying. So my wardrobe is looking empty (Empty as in there are now only 10 tons of clothes in it instead of 40 tons) which is great, just means I get to fill it up again. I'm not looking forward to putting it on EBay though. Will put it up my BLOGSHOP! first.

As I was just doing that alllll day, I put my hair up out the way. This is my real hair but yet it does the whole dark then light bun, it looks so fake, so annoying. Once again going to try to get rid of my hair extensions so going to jazz my hair up a little tomorrow. Yey!

I got this dress my first week in Gala for £2 in a charity shop, I was bidding on it on EBay at the time so I was so chuffed to get it there and then. I just teamed it with my boots, and floral tights, but you can't really see them in the photos.

The shoes are some little barbie shoes I found in my clear out and Neon is "On Trend" just not so I can let them air! :) I might wear them to an interview I have on Wednesday, I'll stand out :)

The clothes are just something I bought recently to cheer myself up. I sold my blackberry and decided to treat myself since its been so long. All are from Primark. The shorts I almost died when I seen them! I bought the Topshop ones months ago but returned them because I just couldn't part with £32 for shorts I wasn't sure I'd wear. I'm glad I did because I got these for an amazing £7! and since they are from the kids bit no one will have them. An age 13 is about a size 6/8 so if your looking for a pair you know were to get them. I love anything american so I won't care if no one wears them this summer. I will. The shoes are just some little mint green pumper for summer. Mint is one of my favourite coloured so I'm really going to enjoy everyone wearing it this summer. When in Topshop I seen cute little 90s style crops tees, but as usual I refuse to pay £8 for something I can make cheaper. So I went to Primark got a cheap white Tshirt (I recommend H&M for good quality, I just didn't like the necklines on the H&M ones in store) and just cut it across, easy peasy! I'm going to do it in loads of colours for summer!

I'm really excited for once about the summer trends! I'm loving pastels already and I just want it to be spring!! (I seen a wee lamb, that means its coming!) 

I'm so jealous of everyone at Fashion week right now! I was supposed to go but lack of funds stopped me, even had a few passes if I wanted them but no, not meant to be :( I usually catch up with all the shows after fashion week is over, I will just sit for a few days looking over all of them from London, Paris and Milan shows ...  not so much New York. London wise I'm especially excited about Henry Holland <3 Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and Moschino! Topshop unique was amazing last fashion week so I think that will be a goody too!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x