7 March 2012

Foof Skirt.

The internet in Halls has went off, and looks set to be off for a few days, if not then a few weeks ... WIT! I rely way too much on internet access, I've genuienly been having withdrawal symtoms. Thats not right.

This outfit ... Hmm I have no idea why I wore this but I like it, I love my wee crop top. I like the skirt ... its so short I'm calling it the foof skirt, cause you can practically see my "foof". (Yes Foof)

Hair Realated Question?
Once I get some money together I'm going to get my extensions glued in for the first time. I've never had them glued in once because I've never tried it and I'd like to before Is top wearing my hair extensions all together as my hairs getting to a good length now. I have friends who have it done and it looks amazing and I've heard both good and bad things about it so, any advice/horror stories?
Also it is difficult to wash them?

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x