8 March 2012


I haven't mentioned it yet as I wanted to wait till nearer the time, then the work piled up and here we are!

Today I am attending the International Women's Day Blogger Event in Glasgow.

Organised by the fantastic Kirsty and Rani.

I'll talk more about the actual event in my official post but just now I will talk about the amazing cause.

International Woman's Day is run by Oxfam to raise money and awareness about the plight of women all over the world, to help protect, educate, heal and ultimately save the lives of women across the world.

It is a wonderful cause that we girls across the UK can't begin to relate to, but we can try our best to help make a difference.
Please head over to Kristy's blog and Oxfam to find out more about the cause.

I could write about this for ages but I have an exam tomorrow that I have to study for.
A problem these women would gladly swap with me.

Follow the event on Twitter #IWDg2g2012

and if you are attending a IWD event have a wonderful time!
and if you are going tomorrow I look forward to seeing you.
I will be much less stressed and drinking, A LOT.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x