14 March 2012

Public Transport.

Dress H&M
Jacket Zara
Necklace Razzle Dazzle Glasgow
Bag Razzle Dazzle Glasgow

Wearing lots of new stuff today! How amazing is this dress! The colour drew me right in and I've always been a fan of the paisley print, but I think the colour makes it look more Italian than 60s (which I usually associate with paisley print) I really want to get on top of this Italian trend this summer, I love the bold colours and patterns! This bag is also a wee gem! I bought it for a fiver with the intention of adding fringing like the ones in Topshop a few months ago, but I love it the way it is! So I'm going to buy another one and fringe that one! At £5 you can't go wrong :)

Today involved me travelling back to Gala, with my bike, honestly the most stressful day of my life. Filled with unhelpful people, DISGUSTING customer service and a few job Worth's (They are the worst!!)
I would write CROSS COUNTRY TRAINS, FIRST SCOTLAND and ST JAMES SHOPPING CENTER letters of complaint, but in all honesty, whats the point?
They won't care and it won't change anything. I hate the UK sometimes.
There is no such thing as manners, or compassion or good customer service. I really don't understand the human race sometimes, and this isn't even us at our worst.
Today only 1 lovely man offered to help me, ONE! 

I hope I feel better tomorrow, because I'm still disappointed, furious and absolutely drained :( 

On the plus side a trip that would normal take me 40minuets only took me 6minuets today, the bike was worth every penny :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x