21 March 2012

Sunny Days.



Dress Topshop
Sunglasses Primark (2006)
Jewellery Primark

Woke up in Gala today and it was glorious! As usual stepping outside its still freezing! So I was glad I was wearing my tights! This is the infamous pregnancy dress, because it looks like I'm pregnant when wearing it. I still love it though and when the suns out I feel compelled to wear it.

I seen Lily talking about a similar dress, she had a Primark one and she was commenting on the Topshop version, I wonder if it was this one? Unlike most other Topshop stuff this one is really good quality and hasn't pilled or anything. (Touch Wood)

Also, my hair is short! Ahhh!

I got "The Fear" last night and suddenly realised I have 9 days until I finish uni, and NOTHING is close to being handed in. So today I got off my bum and got one class finished. Remember my "Post Apocalyptic Photo Shoot" well here are the final images!
I'm really happy with them!
I will find out Becky's blog to let you see her other photographs, shes excellent!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x