15 March 2012

Uni Blues.

Dress Primark
Necklace Razzle Dazzle Glasgow
Sitting in uni blogging during a lecture, I study fashion, its allowed.
Plus I was chased from the library by a huge spider! Seriously it was massive!
Such a boring outfit today, but Thursdays tend to be pretty dull anyways. In 9 till 5. I just want to be comfortable.
I wear this dress all the time, but I think this is the first time its been on the blog? It will be gettin put away soon though as I don't think I will wear it much in Spring/Summer. The colours a we bit too dark I think. Although maybe with a white blazer it could be ok?
Last Monday I decided to go a wee shop to pas the day and spend the last of my birthday money. I will tell you about the purchases as I wear them. The bag and dress you have already seen. The flatforms are amazing. I'm so glad I got a pair in my size! However the soles have been pained black since I got them. I didn't like the wicker. They make me really excited for summer. Especially since there is now a potential summer holiday :D
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x