16 April 2012

Bold in Gold.

Jumper H&M
Shirt H&M
Brooch Topshop
Skirt Internacionale

Only two photos today. Again due to blurriness. So I am currently scrolling the Internet for a new remote :)

I wore this today for a wee trip to Glasgow. I'm sick of sitting in the house even though I'm meant to be studying for an exam, that is a week and a half away, really need to start. Soon. So I found this skirt in my wardrobe and the outfit just suddenly popped into my head. I do that a lot its like I have a wardrobe memory bank. Sometimes I don't like what my brain suggests, sometimes I do. I don't think this outfit will be everyones taste, but I liked it so.

I went to Miss Selfridge today to find this dress. Worn by my fashion crush Lydia Bright. I'm in love with it and its definitely my kind of dress, and for £65! Amazing. But when I went into buy it I seen two neds (Chavs) trying it on and immediately I was put off! So I didn't buy it, and I'm glad. When I see lots of people buying something I like it really puts me off. Ironic considering I wanted it after seeing it worn on someone. I know there will be similar dresses on the high street soon. Maybe I will like one of those.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x