14 April 2012


Shirt H&M
Jeans Primark
Flatforms New Look
Bracelet New Look

Since my last post I've been in bed with the flu,  and a really bad one at that. So today was the first day I've been out of bed. I'm not really one for getting dressed up if I'm not doing anything special. So today's outfit is exceptionally boring. No that any of my outfits are particularly exciting. I feel like I've been in a rut the last few months. The Scottish weather isn't helping either, I just wish it would hurry up and heat up because right now its sunny but still freezing so I am mid way between a summer and winter wardrobe.
Its really frustrating!

I've set a few missions for the next few months:
1. I also want to start wearing heels more. I'm thinking at 22 maybe its time to start wearing them a bit. I just always feel like an idiot in them because I'm so tiny. I feel like I just look like a wee girl in high shoes rather than Ms Bradshaw.

2. Find MY style. I have absolutely no set style. Which I used to like but now I just feel really lost and wish I could define my sense of style a little more rather than just being all over the place.

3. Get more confidence for work. If you asked my friends they would never in a million years say I lack confidence, which I don't, when I'm comfortable. When I'm comfortable, know what I'm doing and around people I feel OK around, I'm fine! I am a hard worker and I do a good job at anything I do. But, when I'm in new situations or with people I don't know, I am a mess, I get so so so nervous and muck thing up constantly. I really want to get over this, otherwise I'm never going to get my career off the ground.

Also, I freaking love my flatforms!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x