20 April 2012

Hawaii Yeah.

Dress Primark

So are Hawaiian dresses on the same level as shirts? Should they only be worn on holiday? Perhaps. But I'm sure I will find an appropriate occasion to wear this again. Can one of my friends have a beach wedding please? I love this dress, I love the shape, colours, pattern, everything, although it is a little long so I will take it up a little.

A different hairstyle today. It just wasn't going right and after battling with it for ages it ended up like this. I'm glad I managed to get a photo because I guarantee it will never look like this again. Why does hair do that!

I can't wait to get this exam over so I can sort this bloody hair. Its turned 15 different shades of blonde and my roots are at my ears!

I probably won't post this weekend because Alan is home :D and at work I just wear something I've already worn this week so that I don't have a drama in the morning deciding what to wear.
Smart? or Lazy? You can make up your own mind :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x