25 April 2012

Human Testing.

Last year I decided I was going to change all my beauty cosmetics to Cruelty Free Ones. I can't remember what was the turning point. I actually think it was seeing one of the Lush windows and I then signed a petition against animal testing and I decided from there that I was going to practise what I preached and make the change.

I used up the last of my old products (because I hate waste) and then started to buy only cruelty free ones. So it started with make up. I changed my foundation, then powder, blusher, mascara etc. I hate change so I have taken it slow. Whenever I ran out of a product instead of re buying the old one I'd buy a new cruelty free one.

At first I was really really scared actually. I was worried the makeup would be rubbish and I wouldn't like it as much as my old stuff. Which hasn't happened and I love the make up I use now and I honestly feel great knowing its cruelty free. I really don't mean that in a pretentious or condescending way honestly, its just because its something I care about so much and I'm proud of myself  for sticking with it!

I'm constantly learning about cruelty free products and learning about more and more animal tested products. For instance I only found out recently that toothpaste is tested on animals, I have no idea why I thought it wasn't, I guess I just wasn't thinking, since then I use cruelty free toothpaste. Hopefully another wee bunny saved!

I don't blog about beauty products, because honestly, I'm not interested in it. I've never been into make up and I never really buy much. So there is no point me really talking about it, except in this instance to tell you that its sooooo easy to make the change! I'm sorry if people disagree but I think if you don't think about where your products come from you are just lazy. If you can spare the time to do some swatches and nosey around Superdrug, you can spare a minuet to spare a thought for the innocent life that suffered so your eyebrows could look good!

Just give it a thought guys. That's all I ask :)

So whats brought all this on? Well if you have been on twitter you will have seen lots of people tweeting about Lush's recent Animal Testing Protest. You can read about it Here.

Disturbing right? I love it. Its so provocative and shocking but the sad fact is that sometimes shock is the only way to get the message across. The woman who took part in it is so brave! I could never subject myself to it, so well done to her!

Its really weird because  today I was just thinking imagine someone filmed animal testing on a human, and then I was sent an email about this. I'm well a physic! ... lol nah I must have subconsciously seen or heard about it at some point today!

So I don't think I will be blogging again until, Friday. My final exam is tomorrow so today I travel back to Galashiels for the night all set for my exam. On Friday I am getting my hair done, New colour new extensions and a wee trim. So what I'm hoping to do is upload a video about how I do it. As I'm always searching for hair tutorials with hair extensions (As in using them in styles) and i can never find any good ones. I hope it all works out well.

I shall leave you with some pictures of my pets :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x