19 April 2012

Lilac Flowers.

Top Matalan
Skirt H&M
Belt Primark
Necklace Primark

I didn't manage to get a post up yesterday as I ended up baby sitting. Which was so much fun, but exhausting. Sleeping in a bed with two kicking children is a nightmare.

I bought this skirt the other day and had been eyeing it up for a while but just didn't think it would suit as I had tried crochet shorts and they looked awful, but I'm putting that down to shorts as I don't suit them at all. The length of this skirt is absolutely perfect, at first I wasn't sure what I could wear with it but now I'm not too worried I think it'll go with lots. I'm totally fed up of wearing tights though.

Once again another appearance of my real hair. Its finally getting to a good length were I feel comfortable not wearing my extensions, thank god, its only taken like 5 years! However at the end of the month I am changing my hair colour as I have finally found a Cruelty Free hair dye! and I am getting some new extensions (24 inches long, aww yeah!) but  wont be wearing them as much. Save them for special occasions!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x