14 April 2012


Top New Look
Skirt Primark
Belt Primark
Necklace Primark
Bracelet Can't Remember
Rings Primark & a Gift
Shoes Primark

Today I was working so this is what I wore to work. I go full time in a few weeks so everything will be stuff I've worn to work. I'll try and make it interesting.

Its still freezing in Scotland, but since I was in work I thought I could risk getting a little cold and wear a skirt. I wanted to wear the skirt today so the top was added to make it look a little more rocky than summery. The shoes are old but a favourite and if you add a bit of leopard print it always looks more rocky.

I've had a boring wee day really. I got really upset when I heard about the Grand National. If your on my twitter you'll be well aware of my feelings about it. I went horse riding for years and I love horses and just hearing about it all absolutely devastated me. I hope this is the last time this sort thing happens.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x