22 May 2012

Eugh Internet.

Blazer H&M
Top H&M
Jeans Tammy Girl
Boots Barratts
Necklace Primark

Any of you who follow me on Twitter will have seen the weekend I've had with no Internet. Nightmare! Hence why there have been no posts!

I've been buying ton over the past few days so I think tomorrow I will do a post showing all my new stuff.

Also, I need some advice!
I'm hoping to move down to London quite soon. I'm so unhappy here at the moment I can't wait a year to move to Cambridge. So I'm just researching right now but if anyone could give me some advice it would be SO SO SO helpful.

I need to know how to look for flatmates!
What Zones to avoid!
What Zones I should live in!
and any other questions I haven't discovered yet!
Just gimme a tweet! @Brantastic_x

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x