12 May 2012

Love My Shopper.



Top New Look
Jeans H&M
Necklace Primark
Bracelet New Look
Shopper Bag H&M
Shoes New Look

This is just some quick snaps of what I wore to work today. Nothing to exciting except that I love my top. I seen a similar one in the H&M Against Aids collection but it was floor length and therefore not midget appropriate. So this was a nice alternative. Its in the NL sale now too :D But do try it on before hand as I couldn't fit my head though the hole of the first few I tried :S ended up having to get a bigger size.

Ended up buying MORE clothes today. Which have to go back, maybe. But I also put a load of stuff on eBay as they are having a no insertion fees weekend! So here's my eBay link. Loads of stuff all worn once/twice sizes 4 to 14 and shoes! So a little something for everyone, and I've still to upload TONS more tomorrow.

So what do you think of my shopper bag?
I Love it! Alan Hates it ... he says women buy mad things lol

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x