7 May 2012

Rose Blossoms.

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Alan was home again this weekend. We have been quite lucky this month that he has been home every 2 weeks for the past few weeks so I haven't missed him tooooo much :) But we probably won't get to see each other till July now for his Birthday :( Which sucks but I'm just going to pump my time into working, blogging, learning to sew properly, getting to as many events as possible and also work on a VERY VERY exciting project which I'm praying works in my favour. Long distance is really sucky and in a way absence does make the heart grow fonder, but sometimes we can be so pissy with each other. Its hard having your own space then having someone there 24/7. Especially since we are so different in how we live (I have OCD and hes a slob ;) ...) but hopefully its only for a few months and then I will hopefully be moving down to Cambridge and get to do a lot of stuff in London, cause its only a wee train journey :D

So we spend the Saturday doing what I do best. Shopping. You can see what I got and only a few things have been returned. I just needed a wee spree since its the first time I've had money in 6 months.  

I bought this faux fur coat when I was at college and have since only wore it a handful of times. I really really love it and its something I intend on keeping and handing down to my daughter (In the very very very far future lol) Other than that I just ended up looking like a hippy. Standard.

I promise after this post I am going to write up the one I've been promising for a week to be uploaded tomorrow. I don't plan on getting dressed tomorrow as I will be cramming 3000 words that are due on Wednesday so it will give you lovely readers something different to read.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x