2 May 2012

Two Fir Wan.

Shirt New Look
Jeans Internacionale
Ring Primark

Dress H&M
Blazer H&M
Jewellery Primark
Shoes EBay

FINALLY I have my new hair extensions! I love love love them! I think for the first time ever I actually like my hair for once so I'm chuffed to bits! I felt like my hair had been manky for months

So the first outfit is what I wore to work, yesterday. I got this shirt in my post exam spending extravaganza. I decided to buy it as i wanted an A Symmetric shirt after seeing Cher (Clueless) wearing one. Not quite as 90s as hers. I teamed it with my flared jeans so it ended with a 60/70s look which then lead to a 60s style hair do and flicky eyeliner. I always have to go the whole hog.

The reason you are being treated to two outfits is because I have a huge post for tomorrow so I thought I'd do my outfits today and then have a photo heavy post tomorrow.
The second outfit is what I wore to an event I went to last night. Which again you'll see tomorrow.

I got this blazer a few weeks ago and the reason I was drawn to it was funny. I reminded me of Marge Simpson's Chanel Suit. Marge a style icon? Who knew. The dress I actually really didn't want to wear, I was convinced someone else would be wearing it as its in the shops now, but I got lucky and no one was wearing it. I'm glad now I did because it really is a gorgeous dress and really flattering. The shoes are uh-maze-ing! I got them from EBay and have waited patiently for them to arrive and I was determined I was wearing them so the outfit worked around them. I would have preferred not to wear tights but I hate being cold and just knew I'd be freezing without them.
I think the outfit ended up looking really Italian. My favourite "trend" at the moment.

I could have wore a black bag and been happy just because I had new hair lol!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x