29 June 2012

£3.49 Wedding Dress.

Shirt New Look
Shorts Miss Guided
Earrings Topshop
Ring H&M

We are now in like day, 5, of me not washing my hair. Whenever I have woken up this week its raining, and I just think why bother because its only going to get ruined anyways. Plus 10 shifts on the trot has meant I've been really lazy. So I thought I would try something a little different. I've never done this before but it was really easy once I had looked at a few tutorials on You Tube. One of the guys in work said it was a Princess Layah look, which my boyfriend would love.

Went a little crazy after work today picking up some nessesary bits and bobs turned into a spree, I have no self control ... I even bought a wedding dress ... Not as creepy as it sounds. I bought this unbelievable vintage dress from a charity shop today. When I got home and I kept looking at it I thought, that would make an amazing wedding dress. I've always wanted a Vintage one off wedding dress. I've always wanted something simple but with a certain something that makes it different, and this dress is just that. So its now boxed away incase I ever need it! Just incase I ever do is why I'm not putting a photo up.

I'm not a creepy wedding nutcase, I promise.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x

New Look