5 June 2012

Bran in Business.


How exciting! I have finally got some business cards!

I went to Moo for mine, after giving the usual business card sites a go, I was really unimpressed with their prices! In the end Moo was only very slightly cheaper.

However what I got from Moo totally beat my expectations. Designing the cards was so much easier than the other sites I tried. Moo also had the option of Mini cards, which is what I got. I thought "Well it'll be cute since I'm tiny, so I'll have tiny business cards". They also give the option to use more than one image on the cards which I didn't see on the other sites.  

The final cards look really professional which I wasn't expecting as the image quality wasn't great.

Another plus was that they arrived withing 3 days. They gave me an expected waiting time of 2 weeks so when they arrived a few days later I ripped the box open right away!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x