18 June 2012

Brassy Trash.

Dress F&F Tesco
Collar Primark

I bought this dress my very first night in Gala. I have always had this weird love for pink and orange, and I really like the shape of these dresses (If they have a real official name, I don't know it). It was a size 12 though so I've recently cut it up and taken it in and now its perfect, well almost, the skirts a bit short so I will have to wear shorts under it. A lesson I learnt the hard way today :(

Wearing my hair short today too. The colour has finally balanced out and its no longer brassy! Phew! I'm still not sold in my hair without extensions though. My visit to the awful hair dresser in 2005 is the only thing in my life that I'd go back in time and stop from happening (almost).

If you could go back in time what would you stop? I think I'd stop Facebook and Twilight, I'd also make sure the last Harry Potter movie was 3 hours long and didn't miss loads of important stuff out! Grrr.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x