25 June 2012

Its Only Words.

Lots of words today as I don't have many pictures!
Not been blogging for a few days, Hmm a variety of factors. Laziness, Working all the time, and then any free time spend with family. Its the end of the month so I'm pretty skint and June/July are the worst months for me as its when basically all the Birthdays happen. Its like two Christmas's. So I'm looking for a second job to get a bit of extra cash.
As well as looking at extra money jobs I'm also still looking for real jobs/internships and finally today got round to putting it all on paper! Made it seem so much simpler! So I now have a wee schedule to get on with for writing up letters, CV and applications! This shits getting real!
I also plan to have a post up on internships in the next few days! Been a lot of talking about it really and I want to get my views and find out what other people think about them, or their experiences/advice/stories.
So finally as well as sorting my career I'm also trying to work on some of my downfalls. Mainly my confidence. I'm not really a negative nelly in the sense that I moan about how much I suck and always put myself down. I'm just struggle with self belief. I know I am capable, but then when I comes to actually biting the bullet, I crumble. So I'm trying to work on this and taking a small step: The Cosmo Blog Awards. They are currently coming to a close and, I haven't asked for any votes, I'm not really into that kind of stuff. So if you like the Blog and feel I deserve a wee vote, that would be lovely. I work on this loads so it would be nice if someone out there felt I deserved a nomination.
I love getting comments from all you guys! Its usually the same people and that means so so much knowing that people come back again and again.
If you don't have me on twitter already, then go and find me! I love Twitter for getting to talk to fellow bloggers/readers! @Brantastic_x
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x