12 June 2012


Coat River Island (EBay)
Belt River Island
Shoes New Look
Bag Primark
Bow Claire's Accessories

So I returned last night from a lovely weekend visiting my boyfriend in Cambridge. Originally we weren't going to see each other until July (10 weeks apart!) but I managed to get 2 days off work and so I headed down! On Sunday we had a wander round London for the day and then chilled out at night watching Rio and eating junk food, it was brilliant! 

I got really sad over the weekend as I was imagining my life in London/Cambridge and the thought of leaving home made me sad. Then when I was leaving Cambridge I felt even worse, and now I just want to be back there. I am an utter nightmare! I suppose its normal when your moving countries, I'm glad I have a few months before I have to start planning the move, and a few more months before I actually do move.

I bought a few bits and bobs from Primark, but I'm taking it all back tomorrow as nothing fits, but other than that I didn't buy anything other than food, not complaining about that :) so yeah I was disappointed. P.S. The Glasgow Hamley's is WAY better than the London one, which is bogging!

So all in all - other than missing the Scottish Fashion Awards - I had the perfect weekend! I can't wait to go back down in July for Alan's birthday, and not just because its the opening weekend of Batman!!. I hope all you bloggies appreciate your boyfriends and be thankful that they aren't geniuses who live in Cambridge. Cause they may be pests but you'd miss them if they weren't around. :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x