4 June 2012

My Little Pony.

Top Primark
Shorts Topshop *Bought with a gift card*

Belt Primark
Bracelet New Look
Boots Internacionale

I wore this to work the other day. I fell in love with the top a few weeks ago, at 22 I still love My Little Pony, loads ... The shorts are a recent purchase and I've been search for a pair of these shorts for ages now, and when I tried them on in the store I couldn't believe 1) They fit 2) They look good! They where more than I would usually pay for shorts, but since I had been searching for so long I know they will be worth it!

So what do you think of my Dip Dye?

I have Dip Dyed my hair pink before, but I just didn't like the colour and when your blonde it is hard to get out. So I opted for buying some cheap acrylic extensions (Icky, I know) and then just sprayed them with some colour spray! Cheap but effective, and no damaged hair!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x