8 June 2012

Prohibition Glamour.

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This what what I wore to help out at Prohibition Glamour last night. At all other fashion shows I've been to the dressers have always worn black. So that's what I went for. I was told to wear something comfortable as I would be running about a lot. Now you might not think a dress is comfortable, but to me it is. I never really wear trousers so this is what I'm used to. I opted to put my hair back again to keep it out my face, and I'm getting a bit sick of the bun ... dun dun dun. I got loads of compliments about my dress at work yesterday which was great because its about 3/4 years old so I'm glad that its still nice to wear 3/4 years on.

So how was helping out at Prohibition Glamour? In a word, Insane.

Last week I was emailed by a lovely friend of mine who works for Chou Chou Couture asking if I would be able to help out at the event. So obviously I jumped at the chance of some work experience. I didn't get there to help until later as I was working at 9, and the other girls had been there since 8, so we all had a really long day.

The event was being help in the ever so chic Citizen M Hotel in Glasgow, a really lovely and trend place, but not overly pretentious.

The Chou Chou interns where all great and organised so for a while there was just some standing about until we were able to do something, I was just telling the girls just to boss us about, but they had it under control.

We where there for the main task of helping out and dressing the models for the show. Which I was already nervous about, and had almost talked myself out of helping, until I forced myself just to do it. I don't know if you know this ... but I'm quite short ... 4"9 to be exact. The thought of dressing models made me sick to the pit of my stomach. Which I think is the reason I was a nervous wreck right before the show started. 
My poor model really drew the short straw with me lol!

I'm such a nervous person anyways, I can handle pressure like deadlines and organising, I'm actually really good at the that, but on the opposite side when the pressure can give me eye contact, I crumble. For example, no one yelled at me at all, but that what all I could think was "Please no one scream at me!" Because I know it would just make me burst into tears. The dressing was a nightmare, the first turn around went so so quickly that I sent my first model out without a buttoned skirt, until Maria saved my ass. Phew.

So I think I have ruled out dressing as a potential career aha. Maybe its something that gets better with practise, but personally I think its something where my height works against me rather than for me so.

I had a brilliant day though. I'm glad I made myself follow through with it, even if I wasn't great I tried, and I've always been a believer in trying.

I was gutted that I didn't get to see the show so I'm excited to see how it went from the outside, where you guys don't see the backstage drama.

Thank you to Chou Chou Couture for having me along to help out!

Well Done Guys!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x