14 June 2012

Total Fake.

Playsuit Topshop
Blazer H&M
Necklace Primark
Belt Primark

I really don't like wearing the same thing twice on the blog, and I wasn't going to take photos today but then I thought that at least this can show a different way to wear something, which I like to see in other blogs that I read. So voila!

I really don't like this blazer. I think its too long for me, I only wear it because I love the colour, in H&M today though I seen one the same colour but shorter, so I might try it, and if I like it put this one one EBay. I also had to throw a hat on today because my hair is so brassy its unreal and not even my violet shampoo is fixing it, so tonight its Dye Job 2! Eugh!

Before I get lots of questions about my bag, its fake. A fashion crime some might say but ... dun dun dun ... I don't care. I don't really have a problem with fake bags, I can't afford real ones and if its a good fake no one knows except you. I would never however lie about a fake and say its real, I really think thats wrong, if its fake own up to it. I have a few fake bags none of which I have bought, they have all been presents from my Mum. That is why I love them, not because of the fake label.

I do have two real bags! My beloved Vivienne Westwood that Alan got me for Christmas! and my Louis Vuitton Bag that I got for my 18th. My Louis is so special to me because I had wanted it since the very first moment I seen it, I was so young I must have been about 12. So I spent all my 18th birthday money on it as a special treat, its honestly one of my most prized possessions.

I know some people disagree with fake bags, and thats fine, I just don't really care that much, I just don't like lies.

I would rather have a few special things that mean a lot to me rather than loads that don't.

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x