9 July 2012

Barbie Bleach.

Top H&M
Jeans Vintage
Blazer H&M
Bag Vivienne Westwood
Necklace New Look
Ring H&M
Bracelet H&M

I wore this out to the cinema last night to see Spider Man (Obviously) and then just wore it to work today because I was lazeeeeeee! I liked it last night, then not living it today, maybe just cause I wore it twice? But anyway I'm wearing this top again and I love the shape and its very low cut, which I like. You know like they say boys are either Legs/Breasts/Bum, well I think I'm like that with boobs! I have no problem with boobs being on show! Well as long as your not you know, flashing people but I just don't get why people get so worked up about them. I think I have spent to much time looking at super models so that I have became immune to the boob flash ... I did have to wear a top under this for work. My clothes are not work appropriate :\

Ended up taking a wee break from the blog. I had another bad week and when I'm like that I honestly don't really do much until I can drag myself out of "My Dark Place" Which I am now calling it. God I would kill for PMS rather than feeling sad! But I'm feeling better now!

Since I last posted I have changed my hair colour again! Its been bleached this time (Channelling the Dior Addict advert, wishing the hair would make me look like her!) I like it and so far it has had the seal of approval from everyone, but I don't want to keep bleaching it, so I am currently hunting for a light light blonde hair dye!

I also have some exciting news (For Me!) Alan and I booked a holiday!!! My first holiday in 6 YEARS! I'm not really one for going abroad as I get anxious about everything! Food! Language! Currency! and I fear something is going to happen and I will never get home! Its completely irrational and stupid! But I am so so so excited!!!!!! I can't wait to just chill on the beach and laze in the sunshine with the boy!

Maybe thats why I get sad ...  A LACK OF VITAMIN D!!!

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x