2 July 2012

Kitty Kitty.

Shirt Primark
Skirt Primark

I seen this shirt in Primark and loved it instantly, I love things with little animals but admittedly don't have much. I didn't actually buy it as they didn't have my size, but discovered it in my sisters wardrobe a few days later, nice. Then a few days ago she gave it to me! Its a size 10 but is too tight for her but fits me perfect, So I think its been labelled wrong! Nice wee suprise for me!

Today has just consisted of work, and torturing myself looking at jobs and flats in London.
Its all very stressful! I'm moving with a cat in tow and so far all flat mates I look at look like nutters! I also have to wait till Feb before my work will transfer me as I'm on a maternity contract! But I want to go NOW! So having a look at other stuff!

Meanwhile my boyfriend dogged work to go to Wimbledon to watch the tennis!
What a hard life he leads. Eh?

Paula .. x