27 August 2012

Candy Stripes.

Shirt Miss Guided
Shorts Topshop
Belt Primark
I'm back from my weekend, well day, in Cambridge! I get so sad every time I come back now! I'm so excited about the idea of living there. I had the journey from hell though, well almost hell. I had to sit with a loony on the way down who insisted talking to me and being vile while drinking straight JD out the bottle, next train was fine, I hate escaped the looney. Then my train was struck by lightening! I can't even write this stuff bad luck follows me around to be its bitch :( I then was asked for money 3 times (in one day) and ended up £5 down because I gave a girl money, she was really upset and if she was lying about being stranded I hope she goes to hell. I've been in that situation before and someone helped me out. I live my life by the rule that If I am able to help someone, I will. Maybe I'm too polite. Then ... Nandos ran out of chicken wings. That was it!
I had a lovely day even after all of this. My boyfriend just has this way of calming me that he doesn't even realise, even though he can boil my blood sometimes too.
Paula .. x