14 August 2012

Gibraltar Day 1.


*I have written each post on the night but they are being uploaded now that I'm home*
Today is finally the day! Alan and I are off our Holidays! A week (well 8 Days) in Gibraltar! After a longggggg journey to London to get our flight and then another 3 hour flight we have arrived!
The weather is amazing! As you can imagine we are exhausted so we have hid in the hotel tonight and are setting off to see the place tomorrow! The beach looks out of this world! We’re also hoping to get a wee day trip to Morocco and a scuba diving lesson; I’ve always wanted to try it!
Tonight I’m just letting you see the snaps of our lovely room with our single beds, which has actually been amazing, it’s far too warm for night time cuddles (Whitey). Also showing you what beauty products I have brought for survival and my chosen accessories for the trip!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x