15 August 2012

Gibraltar Day 2.

Dress Primark
Sunglasses Primark
Sandals George
Bikini H&M (Old Season)
So today we ventured out of the hotel and made our way down to Gibraltar. The place is so cute, like stepping back in time. The city centre is all very traditional with lots of noise and the hustle and bustle of any Spanish market place ... but with a Topshop, Peacocks and Morrisons. Its the oddest thing. I’ll admit coming to Gibraltar I was very excited by the idea of Topshop as I thought it would be a little cheaper than home, its not but this Glorious weather makes up for that small disappointment.

I wore this amazing Primark Hawaiian style dress for exploring as its light and comfortable, I can’t say the same for these jelly sandals, they are adorable and I was able to walk comfortably all day, but the blisters they have left are, well, gruesome ... and I’ve brought 2 pairs with me!

We then got some time to relax on the beach.  These pictures were taken at like 8/9 at night! That would be the life to sit on a beach till 9pm every night! Alan was not a fan of my bikini, said it looked like a huge nappy. I did get a few looks on the beach but that is ok with me. I love this bikini and I think high waist bikinis are a great way to flatter a fuller figure (not that I have a fuller figure) but I am very curvy and I think these kind of bikinis are great for curves, and if you do have a fuller figure and would like to cover up a little more, it does that and still looks flattering. Win Win! Plus Katy Perry has this bikini, and she is a babe!
Tomorrow we are off to Gibraltar again, hopefully we are going to see the dolphins in the bay, the flyer says “98% Dolphin Guarantee” ... sods law we will be in that 2% ...
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x