16 August 2012

Gibraltar Day 3.

Playsuit Miss Selfridge
Sun Glasses Ebay
Necklace Ebay
Bag H&M

Shoes Tammy
So we woke up today to ... dull skies, WTF! Obviously its still warmer than Britain, but it doesn’t feel as nice without the Sunshine! We hoped all day it would clear but no joy. We did go see the Dolphins which was awesome! They are so friendly, came right up to the boat to see what was going on and show off.
 Today I wore my (very very short) playsuit (Last Worn Here). I love the grey and pinks through this playsuit, and the fabric is so comfortable and light in the heat. The new shorter length though is a little too short, so I don’t know wither or not it is going to return home with me or not.
We also got to see today’s triathlon on TV which was incredible! I was so proud of the GB team Alastair and Jonathan! We’ve been watching The Olympics loads as the TV in the Hotel is obviously Spanish and it has been amazing to keep up and I’ve gotten really into it!
Tomorrow we are planning a picnic on the beach which I’m looking forward to, I just hope the weather is much nicer than it was today!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x