17 August 2012

Gibraltar Day 4.

Body Primark
Skirt Primark
Sunglasses Primark
Sandals George
Instead of heading in to Gibraltar today we decided to explore Algeciras instead. However after waiting 45 minutes on a bus, when one came it was full and rather than wait another 45 minutes we scrapped the idea and decided to explore the place where our hotel is. We discovered a gorgeous beach just 15/20 minutes walk from our hotel (typical) and camped there for the day. Much nicer than the first beach that we went to. I have no problem with people smoking on the beach but fag “douts” (is that just a Scottish thing?) on the beach are disgusting!
I love these sandals but they do pinch a bit, but I also got them in black and I loved them! Loved as they disappeared in the sea, resulting in me having to walk 20 minutes back to my hotel with one shoe! NOT fun when the ground is roasting! Alan found it absolutely hysterical ... I miss my shoes L.
Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x