18 August 2012

Gibraltar Day 5.

Playsuit Vintage
Hat Primark
Necklace New Look
Bag Primark
Sunglasses Primark
Today was probably the best day of the trip so far! All week we had been planning on getting the cable cars up to see the Apes of Gibraltar. But eventually today we decided to go on the bus tour (I highly recommend it!). The tour drove us up the rock to see St Michael’s Cave. Which was absolutely incredible, way more interesting than watching a concert in the SECC. We then drove up to see the Apes. They are adorable but scary as hell too. We were so relieved in the end that we had the tour guide with us, while the apes aren’t vicious and are quite used to humans; they are wild apes and have teeth bigger than my feet! One wrong move and I have no doubt they would rip your face off. Our tour guide handled them like a pro though and I even held one. The tour then took us to see the Cannon Caves with the most unbelievable views of Gibraltar. Seriously if you ever find yourself in Gib and are off to see the apes, take the bus tour it was fantastic!
I honestly cannot remember where I got this play suit. I think it was in a bag of stuff that someone was throwing out. It is a really gorgeous piece and I’ve had it for years trying to find a good opportunity to wear it. As its silk it was really comfortable on and light in this heat.  My hat was an absolute gem from the 50p Primark wall! Ideal for holidays but I’m going to keep it in case I find something else I’d wear it with out with summer ... I’m bound to have something.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x