19 August 2012

Gibraltar Day 6.

Dress Topshop (Via Ebay)
Shoes Tammy Girl (Yes Honestly)
Bag Harrods
Ah so the end is near! Today we just ended up souvenir shopping for my little cousins and then we just relaxed on the beach again. Glasgow needs a beach ... and some sun. It was slightly ruined by the fact that we couldn’t go swimming because there where jelly fish in the water. Which we were alerted to when we were the only two people in the water and a wee old Spanish man ran up as if there was a shark in the water! So we just lay on the beach, 6 days here and I’m still applying fake tan, my skin hasn’t even got a dunt! Eugh!
I had wanted this dress for years. Its a bit of a blessing being a size 6 on EBay, as not many people are (Compared to the amount of people who are a size 8) so when things come up in a size 6 its a little easier to win than a size 8 version. I managed to bag this wee dress for £10! These wee wedges are practically vintage. I’ve had them for years and years. They are actually a size too small but I love them too much to get rid and they are still comfortable to wear! Today however the heel broke when I bent down. I am having the worst luck on this holiday! I’m going to have to get them fixed when I get home. I’m quickly running out of shoes to wear on this holiday...
Tomorrow is our last day and we are heading to the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens and then for one last day at the beach.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x