20 August 2012

Gibraltar Day 7.

Dress Primark
Necklace Primark
Sunglasses Primark
Sandals River Island
Bag Harrods
Our last day in Gibraltar, and definitely the hottest! We decided to head up to the Gibraltar Botanical Gardens as we had heard on the tour that it has a small Zoo inside. A few years ago the airport security discovered animals being smuggled from Africa. Unable to decide what to with the animals they kept them in Gibraltar and build a zoo within the gardens. Right away I wanted to see this. I find animal smuggling absolutely horrifying, but equally fascinating, so I wanted to see what kinds of animals had discovered a new home in Gib. After the long (not really, but in the heat it felt like miles) we were gutted to discover that the zoo was closed as its getting a wee make over. Devastated we headed to the beach. If you can’t beat the sun, enjoy it.
We headed to the beach to enjoy the sun, thankfully the jellyfish had retreated back to their homes, and I was diving in and out the water all day. When I was a kid I hated going on holiday because I hated being warm. I have this horrible fear of being sick and once at primary I was sick because I was too hot. I associated the two for years. Now however anything less than 20 degrees and I feel like a snowman. So much to my surprise I actually really loved the heat on holiday, however I think about 35 is my limit! My mum went to Turkey in late June and said the heat was unreal, in the 50s, fuck that!
I had saved this dress for our day trip to Morocco as I wanted to be a little more covered up, we didn’t go in the end however as the ferries over to Africa were hard to schedule around so we scrapped it. This dress wasn’t the best choice for the heat but I have no idea when I will get another chance to wear it. I love colours that other people fear, like bright Oranges and Greens! This dress is just the most beautiful shade of orange and I love the shape, it should be really unflattering, but its not, or maybe it is and I’m just blinded because I love it so much.
I am currently writing this post from the plane, committed or what? I would have liked a few more days in the sun but, I’m missing my wee Alfie like crazy! My bus isn’t for a few hours so I have a few hours in London for dinner with Alan. This holiday is the last I will see him till October as he is working hard through September so the holiday is bitter sweet but I’m hoping that September will pass quick. I’m having a few nights with my new work colleges, slightly missing my cinema boyfriend (Ted this week, aye?), also a potential blogger meet up (anyone know what is happening?), a visit to the dreaded Gala for Fresher’s Week to see the guys from halls, and a night out with the best girls in the world from college, plus dinner with my best friends to discuss Pre Italia/Gibraltar holiday tales/tans (theirs) ... I think thats it, I don’t think my two litres of Vodka are going to last very long. £5.70 well spent! Yes two litres of vodka for £5.70, aww Gib, I miss you already!
Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x