24 August 2012

Glue Hair Extensions.

(*My hair hasn't been washed for 3 days here!*)
Before I left for my holidays I done something drastic, I ditched the clip in extensions for glue in ones!
If you've been following a while you'll know that I have always wanted to try the glue ins!
I bought 300 Keratin Nail Tip Glue Bonds from a store on EBay (22 inches long), costing about £100 it was about £40 more expensive than my clip ins.
To get the colour matched I dyed my hair and the hair extensions before gluing them in. Once dyed I sat with my sister while she put them in for me, the whole process taking about 3 hours, which wasn't too bad.
The hair was so long and straight that I went to the hairdressers to see if she could fix it. The layered the extensions in with my natural hair but still keeping the length.
Hair Extensions: £100
Hair Dyes: £18
Hair Cut: £15
TOTAL = £133
Now £130 is wayyyyy cheaper than getting them put in professionally, but with the professionals you obviously get the professional quality and after care. But for someone like me who has been doing it for years and knows how to look after my extensions, its been a great experience so far.
My hair has started to matt a little as I've been rubbing my shampoo into my scalp instead of brushing it through, so I will get my sister to remove them and put them back in where the matting has happened. Its a rookie mistake so I've been told.
I will do a follow post once I have removed them to see if there is any damage. But so far, so good :D
Good Points!
I don't have to clip them everyday!
Don't have to style them everyday!
Looks like real hair!
Bad Points!
More expensive!
Potential damage to scalp!
So what do you think?
I LOVE them!
but I might stick with the clip ins, depending on how the removal goes.
I recommend if you have long or longish hair and are just looking for volume, stick with the clip ins! They are safer and do the job great.
However if your like me and are having trouble growing your hair (its literally taking years!) then you could try the glue ins, or micro loops if your a little scared of the idea of using the glue.
Please feel free to tweet me any questions!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x