11 September 2012

BooHoo Challenge.

Blazer £10
Dress £20
Flatforms £20
Since I haven't being doing outfit posts recently, I've been concentrating on different kinds of posts. So when I seen this Boohoo £50 Blogger Challenge, I decided to give it a go! I always want to write more fashion and high street based posts, but I find it difficult as I don't shop online a lot. Being so tiny I have to try everything on so sometimes its just too much hassle. I really like Boohoo though and have bought stuff before and its fitted, so that's a good sign.
Plus I am constantly singing "BOOHOO DOT COM!!" for days after I see the adverts.
£50 is a difficult budget these days, but it can be done!
I'm really happy with my outfit choice. Its so versatile. I think I'd be able to wear it to parties, nights out, shopping trips, dates! Anywhere!
The dress is a gorgeous shape and the colour is beautiful. The shade of blue is amazing , its not quite a pastel blue, its Autumn now, pastels are done! Of course butterflies are huge right now and the big bold print will make you look smaller when wearing it. I actually have this blazer which is why I chose it as I absolutely love mines. It fits like a dream and is perfect for petites like me because its shorter. The material is great too, ideal for Autumn as its thick, not thin an flimsy like most other high street blazers. Oh my god do I LOVE these flatforms! I hate my stupid small feet, if I could get them in my size I swear I'd never wear normal flats again. Unlike most other flatforms I've seen these are filled toes, which is obviously much better than open toed for Autumn.
If I was wearing this to something like an Autumn Wedding I would wear my hair up in a sleek bun, like the model, with a black clutch and minimal accessories, probably just earrings.   
If it was a night out or a party I would wear my hair tousled, and add a black hair chain and some flicked eyeliner. Another great point about this outfit is the flatforms. Ideal for nights out as you don't have to hunt your room for a bag big enough to fit spare flats! Sweet.
I would also wear this on a date too. The flatforms give you the height without heels (Boys fear high heels, and high heels on a first date looks desperate. Unless you're off to a super swanky restaurant, think about it, do you really want to rock up at Nandos looking like a wag?) This is the perfect "Playing it safe but still looking hot" first date outfit!
So £50, one outfit, three different occasions! Money well spend I'd say!
I hope you liked my entry, If I won I am definitely buying this dress!
Any bloggers can enter so if you fancy a go, head over to:
Good Luck :)
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x