15 September 2012

Olympians Parade.

Today my best friends and I headed into Glasgow to see the Scottish Olympians/Paralympians Parade! We ended up doing more shopping than parading! I'm not good with crowds so we didn't get very close, but it was more the atmosphere I wanted to go for. Everyone was so happy cheering and waving Scotland flags around! I really got into to games over summer so when I heard about the parade I was over the moon! I felt like I got to be more of a part of the games!
As you can see I am wearing my old clip in extensions, which I have dip dyed pink :) I took my glue ins out this week as they where a mess after my holiday (Sand wrestling, not good for hair extensions) but I am going to get my sister to put them back in for me this weekend. I am absolutely lost without them!
I've not been posting any outfit posts for a while, genuine personal reasons this time and not just me being a lazy bitch like usual! I am hoping to get one up tomorrow and get back on track :).
Thanks for bearing with me.
Still over a week to RSVP to the Scottish Blogger Pub Quiz!
So please drop me an email if your coming!
(Please come I am sweating that no one is going to turn up! Also If I don't get a few more the venue will kick my ass and I'll lose my deposit!)
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x