5 September 2012

SBM. Round 3.

On Thursday night I headed into Glasgow to my third Scottish Blogger Meet Up.
This one arranged by Karris. Who I was so excited to finally meet as I hadn't got the chance at the last one. Karris was the first Cruelty Free Blogger I had heard about so I was desperate to talk to someone about it. Now I know lots of cruelty free bloggers, but since Karris was the first, I dunno its like meeting someone famous. Shes definitely an inspiration as I don't meet many people who have such strong animal views as I do, and its a difficult thing to talk to people about as they automatically assume that you're going to throw paint over them for eating meat. Not all animal lovers are as intense as they are stereotypically made out to be! lol.

Anyway enough of me being a fan girl ...
We all arranged to head to KUTA on Bath Street. One of my favourite bars in the city. A beautiful bar, with affordable cocktails and still fairly new, therefore not yet over run with Glasgow Hipsters! They also serve food, which I haven't tried, yet, I've heard its gorgeous!

The night was so lovely as it was so relaxed and casual! I managed to get to talk to almost everyone this time too which was great. Being a smaller blogger community there are enough of us to get to meet all different types of bloggers, but still few enough of us that we all get to mingle.

As per usual ... I got drunk instead of taking photos ... and was running late so didn't get any photos of what I wore.
I am such a failure!

The rest of the girls/boy DID get photos!
You can check them out below :)

A huge thank you to our hostess, Karris!
It hopefully won't be too long before there is another ;)

Lisa and Sami

I think that's everyone! IF NOT, Tweet me to let me know :)

Sweet Dreams

Paula .. x