21 September 2012

Silver Mane.


Jacket H&M
Shirt Vintage
I have no idea why I looked so orange in the last post, I wear fake tan everyday so I don't know why I look so pale here?
Again fewer posts this week as Alan is home!!! :) So we are having Bran & Alan fun days instead.
I recently rediscovered this shirt in my wardrobe and wore it to my uni freshers week. The theme was "Zombie School Disco". It goes with loads of stuff and I can wear it any season which is always great. The collar on it is also amazing as its quite high but the points come quite low. Also the thick lace floral pattern makes it stand out and add a little more depth to an outfit.
I am continuing to plan the Scottish Blogger Pub Quiz, but have had to change the date due to work not letting me swap a shift! I will keep everyone up to date once the venue has got back to me!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x