29 October 2012

Halloween Choices.

I might have mentioned it before but, I LOVE HALLOWEEN!
Hands down, my favourite time of year. I love it more than My Birthday/Christmas/Easter combined! I have no idea why! I just loved getting dressed up and getting free sweeties!
So this is my options for costumes this year. My original idea was Garth from Wayne's world, but I had no one to be Wayne ... next year.
Option 1: Sheep
Gillette New Look
Dress H&M
Extras: Sheep Make Up, Sheep ears
I think this is my favourite costume! Its just so fun! I will wear this to my little cousins Halloween party! I usually have a few costumes because I love Halloween so much I want to have as many costumes as possible!  
Option 2: Barbie
Dress H&M
Necklace Primark
Ring Primark
Shoes Barratts Petite Feet
Extras: Blonde Wig
This is quite a safe choice, but isn't it just the perfect Barbie dress! This is just a back up in case I have another party ... cause my life is that wild ...
Option 3: Clown
Dress Clothes Show
Shirt H&M
Bow Tie Primark
Socks Local Shop
Boots Barratts Petite Feet
Extras: Scary Clown Make Up and BIG hair! :)
Not Ideal for a kids party ... my little cousin is one and she freaks if I so much as wear a hat in doors so I don't want to scare her. So I think I will save this for my night out in town. Everyone seems to have went for scary rather than slutty this year, which I love! That's the whole point of Halloween! I'll admit I never do scary. I'm always something sweet like a Greek Goddess, Bow Peep, Ballerina, a Fairy etc etc. But this year I'm excited to get in amongst it!
Still feeling a little down and not doing outfit posts yet, but I am working on some stuff and will have my first product review on Wednesday! Oooh! As well as working on a few guest posts and The Blogger Pub Quiz post!
HUGE!!! Thank you for all the lovely comments :') 
I was definitely overwhelmed but also relieved that other people could relate!
I'm not insane! Yess!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x