8 October 2012

Interview Attire.


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Top Primark
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I recently had my first "Real Job" interview!
So I thought it would be cool to dedicate this post to my personal interview rules.
As well as show you my interview outfit :)
My Rules for a Good Interview!
Do your Research. Learn about the company you are applying for. The first question usually asked at interviews is "What do you know about the company". Doing research will show that you really want the job and that you are keen to learn. It also shows initiative that you done it without being asked. 
Plan your answers. Write a list of questions you think you could be asked, or better yet write down the questions you think you might find difficult to answer. Write your answers down and then if you are asked then you don't panic as to what you need to say.
Smile and make eye contact. A smile shows that you are positive and warm, meaning that people will want to be around you. Being qualified for a job is one thing, but these people have to work with you, no one wants to work with someone they feel uncomfortable with. Eye contact shows confidence, if they are looking at your eyes they won't realise if you are a bit nervous. Avoiding eye contact also makes you look uninterested.
Dress smart. This sounds like it should be the last thing on your mind but first impressions are extremely important. I have seen people asked to leave an interview because they have turned up in jeans. Even if it is for a job in McDonald's, if you look smart you are instantly remembered. Don't be afraid to put your personality in though. Add a subtle pink belt or a bow in your bun, something subtle and still smart, but memorable.
(What do you think my little mouse is for!)
Ask questions. At the end of the interview ask a few questions! It makes you look more interested and is your opportunity to find out if the job is right for you. If you feel that all your questions have been answered, then say that. Say that all the your questions have been answered and thank you. That is polite and positive.
Keep your answers simple and to the point. Talking too much is just as bad as not talking enough.
If you don't get the job :( find out why! It could be something you can change in future or it could be something as simple as there was someone who just beat you to it. Either way it is good to know. One of my best friends phoned a job to find out why he was rejected (We'll call him Bob). The boss then told him he had got the job. It turns out that the boss had got his Bob's mixed up and the other Bob had the job, not my Bob. In the end my Bob accidentally got the job! So know what, you never know!
I hope this has helped!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x