2 October 2012

Moan Face.


Dress Charity Shop (H&M)
Necklace Vintage
This is a dress I have had for a few weeks now. Its became a go to dress though. Whenever I'm struggling to decided what to wear this goes on. Its comfortable, light and can be worn any time any season! Polka dots are classic. I wear it back to front though as I just think it looks much more interesting that way, I think maybe you'd need big chebs (boobs!) to fill it out if I wore it to the front.
Nothing much happened today. I just got up and went to work! I have all late shifts for the next few weeks! Eugh! So I will make sure I make time to get outfit posts before I leave for work. Its going to be a boring two weeks!
I like getting a lie in but I'd much prefer to be out the house at 9 and get work done. Hmm maybe I just feel like my day is a little wasted because it doesn't really start till 1pm. Cause I can't really get up and do anything before work if I have to leave at 12 anyways!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x