5 October 2012

Riding Pants.

Top Lefties (Spain)
Shrug Gibraltar
Riding Pants H&M
Necklace Primark
Flowers Dorothy Perkins
I think I am again in day 4 or 5 of not washing my hair. I seriously have no idea whats going on! I just have no motivation when the only place I am going is to work and then home to do nothing!
I seen the AA riding pants a while back and have always contemplated buying them, but as usual they where a small fortune, however I stumbled across these in the H&M sale the other day! £7! What even! They are perfect!!! If only I could stumble across some £7 disco pants! (But I think Santa is bringing me the real deal ;) ooh) I also love this shrug! I'm always getting asked about it as its just something you don't see here! I love the sheer light fabric and the embroidery is hand done! Its just amazing and I will keep it forever!
Tomorrow I have work then 2 days off! Ahh Bliss! I don't have much planned except sourcing more prizes and writing up the *Top Secret* Blogger Pub Quiz Quiz!
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x