1 October 2012

Social Media Geek.

Dress Primark
Earrings Tammy
Necklace Topman
Bag Primark
Shoes Pretty Small Shoes
Back from another little break! Alan was home for two weeks so we were in a bubble of minging lovey dovey couple stuff! I am also back with a new hair doo! I was so sick of the bright blonde (I did not resemble the Dior model) If I ever try to stray away from the ash blonde again someone stop me!
On Thursday night I was very excited to attend a party at Hummingbird hosted by Equator. It was social media week in Glasgow and this was the only event I was able to attend! Which was a real shame but hopefully I'll get the chance to go to some events next year. I'm really glad I was invited though it was such a great night! The theme was "Social Media Geek" so our invites contained geek glasses! There was also huge glasses made out of balloons (I want to be a balloon artist! What an amazing job!) as well as some bands and a DJ and amazing food! Its not a party until there is a buffet!
I think I enjoyed it so much as well because me and Alan got to have a night to ourselves! It was also quite cool that he got too see exactly what kind of things the blog has opened up for me and got to meet a few bloggy friends.
I've been really disappointed with Primark recently. I think the jewellery has been rubbish for ages now and I'm not impressed with the price hike in the jewellery! There is a reason I don't buy jewellery from anywhere else. This dress though was a fantastic find and for £10 I'm really impressed with it! I love everything about it! The fabric the colour the shape, length!
Now that the boy has retreated back to England I am pumping all my energy in to The Blogger Pub Quiz! Follow me on Twitter for all the updates ;) @Brantastic_x.
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x