10 November 2012

Blogger Pub Quiz.

You might remember a few weeks ago I took the plunge and hosted my own Blogger event! A Blogger Pub Quiz! It was so much fun, but I stress myself out sooooo much! I won't be doing it again ... for a while ;)
The Quiz was made up of 5 rounds, about Fashion, Beauty, Twitter Drama, Photo round and a Blogging round.
I was so worried that the questions would be too easy but it actually turned out OK and every group had their strong and weak subjects!
So the team with the most points were the winners, but I also had prizes for the team that had the best team name which was ... Untitled Post ... haha simple yet effective!
Untitled Post
An "L" of a Team
I hope this is the hardest bit
In Last Place
(Thank you so much for the card Iona it was such a sweet and thoughtful gesture!)
A huge thank you to the following people who donated prizes and goodies! It was very much appreciated and generous!
Gil :)

And A huge thank you to my lovely sister and live in sister for helping me mark the quizzes/taking and filling goodie bags/Photography!

Of course, thank you to everyone who came :)
Sweet Dreams
Paula .. x